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Through the diversity of Mitch's family; a beautiful blend of Acadian and Tarahumara, a cultural melting pot taught him everything he knows about cooking. Momnee started him young in the kitchen starting with Roux's and foods harvested from their ranch. After high school, Mitch started bartending and worked up from there.

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Getting Started

10 years into their marriage, Mitch and Kate moved to Kates home country of England for 6 years. It was during this time Mitch began to lay the building blocks for their Smokehouse. Starting in Cornwall, England, they returned to Texas in 2017 and continued their journey in catering. 

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Where it all began

Continuing family traditions and wanting to give people the experience of true Cajun/Creole food, they decided to start small at the Wolfforth Market. The public response to old fashioned, down home Cajun cuisine was a hit. And with this, they began to 

grow their Cajun Smokehouse. 

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