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Welcome to my Bakery. I am Kate.

I was born between Stratford Upon on Avon and the Cotswold's, but call Cornwall home. 

I am fortunate to have a family who not only took their love of cooking and baking into careers, but who also archives and preserves our families history. This, with my upbringing, has allowed me to continue our generational traditions with traditional baked goods synonymous with Britain from cakes, to pies. Cookies to breads.

Everything I bake, make and create is not just what I have been taught, but also what I and all my family, as well as ancestors grew up with. 



For 6 years, Mitch and I travelled the UK with our children so they too could experience my heritage, family and country. During this time, we drew up the plans to build Moore Cajun Smokehouse, Mitch being Cajun and 3rd generation cook.

We returned to Texas in 2017, and in January 2020, having moved to an entirely new town we now call home, we decided to test Mitch's Cajun food and my British desserts against the public.

This is where we have grown and thrived. 

Both Moore Cajun Smokehouse and Miss Kates Place has grew alongside each other becoming a blended cultural entity, where he brings the heat, and I bring the sweet. 

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He's Cajun. I'm British.

The beauty about both of our upbringings are not only how diverse they are from each other, but how one balances the other.

As our slogan says, "he brings the heat, while she brings the sweet."


Mitch is continuing his families traditions and passions for cooking and operating restaurants, with the recipes passed down to him. 

And I am continuing my families traditions and passions for baking and operating kitchens, with the recipes passed down to me. This is how we met :-)



We can now be found in Suite 39 at the Affordable Storage on FM179 in Wolfforth. 

We have a 26ft Commercial Kitchen on wheels parked outside. 


This shop allows Mitch to pull the truck in and out to serve his Cajun cuisine, with dining space inside. 

As we progress and grow, the interior will slowly morph into my British Tea Room. 

Come inside for the Bakery or to sit and enjoy your meal.